Bellavei Anti Aging Cream

Bellavei Anti Aging Cream-Say Goodbye To Wrinkles

Bellavei Anti Aging CreamWith the advent of media, women have grown more conscious about how they look and have often created an unachievable image about how their skin should be. This is an absolutely wrong thing to do as the celebrities appearing in TV have access to costly skin care and numerous make-up artists. Also most of the beautiful faces you see in television are generally enhanced using digital methods. Every skin is unique and beautiful and thus Bellavei anti aging cream works to preserve your youth and remove all the signs of aging and make your skin more and more radiant. It provides results that you would get if you undergo botox injections but instead is less costly and not at all painful.

The reason for skin aging

The three layers of skin, namely dermis, epidermis and hypodermis is held together by a protein called collagen. The higher the concentration of collagen present, the more firm and tight your skin would be. However at a certain age that is above 20, the collagen reserves begin depleting and skin starts to loosen and form wrinkles.  Undergoing botox treatment only provides short term results as they stretch the skin to make it look tight and firm and not actually help in collagen formation.

Skin aging can also be related to elevated stress levels and lack of sleep. The most common example of this is the formation of dark circles around the eyes. Premature Skin aging can also be triggered by prolonged exposure to pollution and sun, that results in blemishes and dark spots.

Why should you use Bellavei anti-aging cream?

  • The cream formula is made from all natural ingredients making it extremely beneficial
  • Stimulates the formation of collagen in skin cells resulting in a more firm and tight skin
  • Moisturizes and hydrates skin, giving it a fresh look
  • A non-painful solution that removes all the signs of aging
  • Delivers the nutrients essential for proper growth to cells
  • It gives fast results within weeks.

How does Bellavei anti-aging cream work?

This formula works at a molecular level and provides peptides that gets absorbed and rejuvenates at a cellular level. It strengthens the dermal matrix resulting in fewer wrinkles and erases the fine lines and removes any kind of blemishes and dark spots. The most important function of Bellavei Anti aging cream is that it boosts the collagen levels that results in a more tight and elastic skin. It also provides the skin with 24 hours moisturization and hydration which is required for a healthy and younger looking skin every day.

What is it made of?

Bellavei anti aging cream is solely made from natural and herbal components which include three core ingredients:

  • Spilanthes Acmella flower extract- reduces formation of wrinkles and removes fine lines and blemishes.
  • Ribes Nigrum Seed extract- removes unwanted toxin present in the skin and clears the skin pores.
  • Eryngium Matrimum Callus culture filtrate- moisturizes skin, reduces dryness, chaffed skin, roughness of skin and keeps the skin hydrated.

Bellavei Anti Aging Cream